Monday, September 23, 2019


Today, as it is 1:47 a.m. I begin a fast. Like every other fast I've done, it begins with a thought about fasting. A thought that my mind dismisses as slightly ridiculous, and I wonder why in the world I would think such a thing. Then I realize God is giving me an idea to fast, and He has a plan for that fast.

A year ago, fasting was a part of my regular routine. It began as a 3 day fast to cleanse and break an unhealthy relationship with food - thinking about food, living my life around preparing food and enjoying food but often feeling like a slave to food. The next best, most artfully prepared, the most authentic, the most ethnic, the most praised, food, glorious food...wait, that's a song.

It made such a difference in my life (I mean spiritually, emotionally mentally and dang, did my skin look good) that I continued to fast one day a week, and once, I fasted for 5 whole days. Yes, water fasted. I was pretty proud of that... You know the story about I met a man with no feet...? Well, then I met a whole lot of people that fast for weeks, and even more than a month. Recently, one of my good friends and spiritual sister shared that she just completed 40 days (Yes, I said 40 days of water fasting.) So my five days...not such a big deal, it seems.

It was however, a huge deal to me. Realizing I was not going to die without food, literally not going to die, was liberating! OK eventually, people have been known to die without food, but that is not what I'm talking about. I mean there is a freedom in realizing my thought life didn't have to revolve around food, what to eat, how to eat (vegan, raw, paleo, whole-food-plant-based-high-carb-low-fat that really is a good way to heal but I digress) and will my family, will they, absolutely LOVE it, too?!

I read a very interesting book about fasting (note to self, look on external hard drive for that pdf and share it. Did I say it is...2:01 in the a.m.?

So there is a purpose for this fast. This is also about freedom. Freedom for me in a different way, but also freedom for others. I may share about that, or I may not. The details are not important.

Instead, over the course of the next 7 days I will share with you about this fast, about biblical fasting, and anything else fast-related that comes up while I clear my mind of food and instead allow space for quiet, for reflection on the Word, for prayer, for laughing and loving my children and seeking to best serve those I work with in counseling and health/fitness coaching. Not much will change, and yet so much will change and I will share it all with you.

In the meantime, my 40-day fasting friend is an amazing woman with a powerful ministry called Ashes to Beauty Ministries. In addition to a love of fasting, we share a desire to participate in God's work to set people free. Here is a link so you can read her wisdom on fasting.

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