Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fasting day three

Today is always one of my favorite days: I start Wednesday mornings early meeting first with my online prayer group, during which time we pray in English and in the Spirit, always having an interpretation or prophetic word and always feeling the presence of the Lord in such an amazing way.
After wards, I meet another prayer group at church lifting up our church body, our town, our leadership, even our president, in prayer. With all that prayer, you know it's going to be a good, good day. 

Especially while fasting. Every sense is more acute. Smells are stronger, touch feels more sensitive, and as I said, the presence of God is very palpable. Today after my morning online prayer, I felt so filled with the Spirit, so much of the glory fire on me, I wouldn't have been surprised if my face was glowing like Moses! 

I still went to the gym, and worked slightly lighter but not by much. When I am fasting, I do feel more tired, however the energy always appears when I need it. I feel that especially with this fast, which is a Biblical fast, not a cleanse or weight loss jumpstart fast. I feel a sense of well-being that I have not felt from day one when I have done cleansing fasts, although by day 3 in any fast, the desire for food pretty much ceases and there is a focus and clarity, much the same way.

So, you may be wondering how to do a Biblical fast.

Biblical fasting can be defined as abstaining from food specifically for spiritual purposes.
You may sense God leading you to fast, as I did this past weekend, or you may need breakthrough in an area, the way Esther and Mordecai did (Esther 4:3), or David did for intervention and for healing (Psalm 35:13; 2 Samuel 12:17,23), or to commit a ministry to the Lord or confirm the appointment of elders (Acts 13:2; 14:23), or to gain power to cast out demons as did the disciples (Matthew 17:21), to gain answers (Nehemiah 1:4), or even to spiritually prepare for a challenge, as did Jesus before He was tested in the wilderness (Luke 4:2)

"John Piper writes in his book Hunger for God: 'Christian also a chosen weapon against every force in the world that would take that satisfaction (in God) away."

Marylin Hickey describes her experience with Biblical fasting and breakthroughs:

"That breakthrough might be in the realm of the spirit. It may be in the realm of your emotions or personal habits. It may be in the realm of a very practical area of life, such as a relationship or finances. What I have seen repeatedly through the years-not only in the Scriptures but in countless personal stories that others have told me -- is that periods of fasting and prayer produce great spiritual results, many of which fall into the realm of a breakthrough. What wasn't a reality . . . suddenly was. What hadn't worked . . . suddenly did. The unwanted situation or object that was there . . . suddenly wasn't there. The relationship that was unloving . . . suddenly was loving. The job that hadn't materialized . . . suddenly did.

The very simple and direct conclusions I draw are these: First, if the Bible teaches us to do something, I want to do it. I want to obey the Lord in every way that He commands me to obey Him. And second, if fasting and praying are means to a breakthrough that God has for me, I want to undertake those disciplines so I might experience that breakthrough!"

I agree!!

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