Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Light Wins! Elle Angel

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Monday, May 27, 2024

Beyond Trauma and Witchcraft: a Neuro-Theological Path to Healing with host Jenniel Taylor and Dr. Karen Liddell


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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

What to do when God is silent - Spirit Life Church - Dr. Karen Liddell #womeninministry #dr.karenliddell #spiritlifechurchalex #whattodo #Godissilent #unansweredprayers #strugglingwithfaith #waitingonGod

Monday, April 8, 2024

Music leads you to the feet of one of three people: the singer; satan; or the Savior

 Did you know your unconcious operates in agreement with who or what you listen to most? Who's influencing your next thought, emotion, idea, or action? 

"Music leads you to the feet of one of three people: the singer, satan, or the Savior." Pastor Mark Harris, Trinity Baptist Church, Mooresville, NC

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Monday, February 19, 2024

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Speaking at the 2024 National Christian Counselors' Association National Conference!

 The National Christian Counselors' Association is excited to welcome Dr. Karen Liddell as a speaker for our 2024 conference. Join us in October to hear all the Lord has laid on her heart in her two sessions titled "When Nurture Messes Up Your Nature." Check out her video above to get to know her better.


Our other presenters' introductions will be available HERE


Register now to join us in Chattanooga, TN, on October 25-26, 2024, whether you prefer to join in person or online. Thank you for your support of NCCA and the APS!

Hallelujah Podcast episode

The Graceful Warrior Podcast - Abortion Compassion

 In this episode, I talk to a former Pastor’s kid who went through a dark journey of abuse in her marriage and dove into witchcraft, & how she found her way back to God.







Broken to Blessed with Michele Hall Podcast Interview


Picture yourself standing at the crossroads of trauma and healing, with one path leading towards a life of pain and the other towards freedom. That's the journey we embark upon as we welcome Dr. Karen Liddell who bravely shares her traumatic past and her subsequent healing process. She introduces us to the power of neuroplasticity and her brain retrain method that helps survivors break free from the shackles of past trauma. Dr. Liddell reiterates the importance of accountability in the process of healing, a powerful reminder for all survivors that they are not to blame.

But where does faith fit into this, you may wonder? Well, my guest, a licensed clinical pastoral counselor, shares her riveting journey from occult practices to a faith-filled life. She unearths the transformative power of faith on our spiritual, emotional, and physical state, even in our decisions. Her work as a counselor stands apart from traditional counseling methods, underlining the significance of faith-based decisions.

Finally, we turn to the science of it all.  We journey into the realm of rational emotive behavior therapy, challenging our core beliefs, and the potential to alter our emotions by focusing on positive memories. The episode concludes with an enlightening exploration of manifestation from a biblical perspective. We discuss faith, science, and counseling to discover how aligning our thoughts with God's will can manifest abundance in our lives. Join us on this riveting journey of self-discovery and healing.

Rough Edges Podcast interview


Rough Edges Podcast 

Episode Description: 

How can we learn how to retrain our brain and improve our thinking patterns? In the first bonus episode of the new year, Sarah is joined by esteemed guest, Dr. Karen Liddell. Dr. Karen is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, ordained minister, best-selling author, and international speaker. She's made it her mission to demonstrate how to live a life of joy by following the Biblical instructions to take every thought captive and retrain them to agree with every good thing God says about you, and has for you. She's a preacher's kid who was lost in new-age occult practices while searching for a meaningful and powerful relationship with God. It was only after a devastating abortion that she opened her heart to the only One who could love her the way she'd been longing for. God led her to complete her PhD in Christian counseling and then to discover everything she knew about scientific brain retraining was coded in His Word.  Join these ladies as they discuss the importance of the brain retraining process, how the Bible factors into improving negative thought patterns, Dr. Karen's experience with transforming her mental health through her faith, and the various dimensions of self-care.


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