Thursday, February 8, 2024

Broken to Blessed with Michele Hall Podcast Interview


Picture yourself standing at the crossroads of trauma and healing, with one path leading towards a life of pain and the other towards freedom. That's the journey we embark upon as we welcome Dr. Karen Liddell who bravely shares her traumatic past and her subsequent healing process. She introduces us to the power of neuroplasticity and her brain retrain method that helps survivors break free from the shackles of past trauma. Dr. Liddell reiterates the importance of accountability in the process of healing, a powerful reminder for all survivors that they are not to blame.

But where does faith fit into this, you may wonder? Well, my guest, a licensed clinical pastoral counselor, shares her riveting journey from occult practices to a faith-filled life. She unearths the transformative power of faith on our spiritual, emotional, and physical state, even in our decisions. Her work as a counselor stands apart from traditional counseling methods, underlining the significance of faith-based decisions.

Finally, we turn to the science of it all.  We journey into the realm of rational emotive behavior therapy, challenging our core beliefs, and the potential to alter our emotions by focusing on positive memories. The episode concludes with an enlightening exploration of manifestation from a biblical perspective. We discuss faith, science, and counseling to discover how aligning our thoughts with God's will can manifest abundance in our lives. Join us on this riveting journey of self-discovery and healing.

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