Monday, August 9, 2010

The secret to happiness

Hello and welcome to A Good Bible Study!

Let's pray: Lord, we all want to be happy. You came to give us abundant life and we want what you have to offer. Show us how, Lord, and we will follow. In Jesus' name, amen.

What's the secret to happiness? If it was available, would you buy it? How far would you go to find it? People kill their futures every day selling their souls for cheap counterfeits: Drugs, pornography, sexual conquests . . . what's your poison?

The secret of happiness is the focus of this bible study. What is it? _____
Did you say love? You are right! True, compasssionate, action-driven, love is an open door to real, fulfilling joy.

Read Romans 12:16-21 It's in a whole chapter on the how-to's of behaving like a Christian, walking the walk.

Sounds great on the page, right? How about in real life?

We've talked before about needing His strength to do all things, remember. Love is a gift from God, and He is the only source of the pure stuff. There are no guarantees that your love will be received or appreciated by your fellow humans, but your acts of kindness are seen by the Creator of Heaven and Earth. All that you do, Jesus says, for the least of your fellow humans, you do for me.

Do you get that? It's not about them. It's about Him.

Let that sink in and let's pray:

Father, keep Your face in front of me whenever anyone rejects my pure acts of love. Let me rejoice even when I am rejected because even if others reject my love, You receive it! In Jesus name, amen.

Love, Karen

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