Friday, August 20, 2010

Jesus in disguise

Hello! Welcome again to A Good Bible Study - let's get right to it!

Father, thank You for the person who is reading these words. Bless them Lord. You know their heart's desire, and their greatest need. You know what will make a difference today for them. I thank You for opening their eyes to Your love, and hearts to Your message. In the name of Jesus, amen.

I'm going to point you to the Word first thing today. Please read Matthew 25:31-40. I want you to hear the whole context of the message. I think it is important when we are given a scripture, that we read the verses before and also after, and if there are study notes under the passages, read those as well. That way you know for yourself what the verse is about.

Jesus said that in as much as we ______ the hungry, and give water to the ________, and _______ those who need covering, or _____________ the sick, and also those who are in ____________, we have done it to __________.

He also says further on that if we turn our backs on those who are hungry, thirsty, without proper clothing, sick or in prison, we have in essence, turned our backs on Him.

Puts things in a new light, doesn't it.

Does Jesus ask us to question how people got into their predicament to decide whether or not they deserve help? ___________

Does Jesus ask us to follow them around and see if they please us with their use of our gifts? ________

Does Jesus ask us to give them help only if we can spare the time, or are exceptionally wealthy, or know for certain people are innocent of the crime for which they are imprisoned? ________

Can you and I make a pact? Let's choose from today onward to just give value to every person we come into contact with. That's all. Treat them as if they are of value. Treat them as if they are Jesus in disguise.

How are some ways you can treat even strangers with value?

Revolutions are dangerous. What are the spiritual implications of being kind to those who are in need, or ignoring them? Read Matthew 25:41-46

So, does God want you to help people out of fear of His retribution? Absolutely not.

He simply wants us to understand that love is action, not words. God knows if you have a heart to help those in need, it is a reflection of your love for Him; of the fact you truly value Jesus and follow Him in sincerity. If you do not care about hurting people, you cannot sincerely care about Jesus.

If you say you believe that Jesus is God; that you believe God came to earth in a human form for the sole purpose of sacrificing Himself to buy our freedom; that you believe He loves all of us, not just the ones who do everything right, then how in the world could you not care about what He cares for?

Does that mean you give your whole life over to going to the jail in the morning, to the hospital in the afternoon, the homeless shelter before dinner, and the food shelf each evening? Getting out of balance is not loving yourself and we are to love others as well as ourselves, not instead of ourselves.

Give it some thought and tell me what you come up with.

Lord, these are difficult concepts for many of us. All we ask is that you soften our hearts so we can see how giving to those in need, no matter the cause or circumstance, is the same as giving to You. "We do this in remembrance of You." We say those words as we take communion in church. Let us say those words whenever we give to one of your children on earth. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Looking for Jesus in disguise, Karen

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