Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get Real

Welcome back to A Good Bible Study!

Let's get right into prayer and into the Word!

Lord, we hear the term "Get real" all the time. Help me to be a "real" Christian. Help me to live what I say I believe. Help me to determine what I do believe and why I believe it, so I don't need to justify who I am to anyone, anymore. I don't need to say it, I can live it! In the name of Your Son, Jesus who gave His life so I might have mine, amen.

What does that mean to "get real?"

I say it to mean, "Give me a break, don't try to fool me with that," or "Get the blinders off and see what is really happening to you or with this situation," or "stop joking around and be serious," or any number of things.

Mostly I think we say "get real" to either mean to be sincere in our behavior, or in our understanding of a situation, don't you think?

Do you think people in general think most Christians are sincere in our behavior or have a good grasp of their real life situations?

Sometimes we are insincere by not being who we say we are. Other times we are insincere by not saying how we really are, inside.

Try these simple exercises. You will get more out of this study if you take a few minutes and write down your answers, look up the verses, and pray the prayers, I promise.

What is one thing as a Christian that you say you believe, but you haven't really acted out in daily life?

Do you believe this thing, or not? Be honest, there is no right answer. ______

If your answer is yes, will you choose to take one action today to act out what you believe? _______

If your answer is no, why not?

Either way, look in the back of your bible and find three verses that have to do with the subject and look them up. Write them here:

Have you changed your mind? ___________

Either way, you know yourself better now than you did fifteen minutes ago. Now you are getting real.

When your behavior matches your true convictions, you feel genuine and others respond to you with trust and respect.

Try this with anything you find you are not acting out and see if you can determine if the problem is that you just have not taken action on your belief, or that you really don't believe it. Get to know the real you.

Love, Karen

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