Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feelings first, solutions second

Welcome back to a Good Bible Study! We are here because we are supposed to receive exactly this message today. What have your discovered about yourself since yesterday? Have you already gotten excited and put any steps into action? Before we go further, let's begin with power, through prayer:

Thank you Lord for bringing us exactly the people we need to be in relationship with at this time, exactly the opportunities that we need to grow and to develop, and exactly the message today that we need to hear. Give us hearts to love you, Lord! In Jesus' name, amen.

At this point in The Revolution Devotional Workbook and Field Journal, Joyce Meyers suggests we think about what things we have prayed over and asked for a solution, for which we can actually be the solution? Is there anyone in your life that needs help, and you just haven't wanted to get involved, or be inconvenienced by? Sometimes God brings us people in need not just to pray, but because we are the help He intends to provide.

Who are some people that you have prayed over, that you can physically help right now?

What do you now plan to do about it?

If you can't think of anyone, ask God to reveal who He has put in place for you to help, and for you to bless, and ask Him for wisdom in discerning how to best do that. Sometimes it's an obvious answer. If someone is hungry, buy them some groceries; if someone needs help with repairs, get your hammer out and do what you can; you can fill in the blank. Sometimes it's less obvious, but if we spend some time talking it starts to become clear why we are in the path at this particular time.

We often get caught up in not wanting to enable someone with a history of dependence. That's why it's always good to pray first. Listening to someone talk is never a risk. Often, people can come up with their own solutions if we stop trying to fix it and forget it, and just give them a chance to work it out, out loud. Most of us just want to be heard. I always try to remember: feelings first, solutions second.

Lord, if you have given us the opportunity to help others this week, help us to be sensitive to the urging of your Holy Spirit. Help us to help in wisdom and discernment, and most importantly, with generosity. You bless all that we do with a sincere motive of showing love. In the name of Your Son and our Savior, Jesus, amen.

Till tomorrow, love, Karen

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