Friday, February 7, 2020

God has placed great value on you

God has placed great value on every person. In fact, before you were born, before the foundations of the world were laid, He planned you and wrote all He intended for your life in a book, according to Psalm 39. It's full of joy, and blessing, and love. why don't we all experience that?

That's the tricky thing about being made in His image: like Him, we possess free will. We have the walk in everything that He predestined us to by making our own choice to love Him in return, or reject His love, and Him, and all that He offers.

Like any other child, He does His to demonstrate right from wrong, how to have a joy-filled life and make choices that result in blessings, or we can do it our way on our own as we see fit. That's ok. And may be up until the point of death, we can be ok with that.

We don't have God's blessings but we are doing ok working this system to get the money and success that we've been convinced is the goal, the dream, our purpose. Then we get to the sticky points. This is not the end. This wasn't even the beginning. This was choosing what's next and learning to let go, love, trust and enter in to the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship possible - with our actual Creator. Before us are two eternal choices, life or death. Choose life.

Welcome to spiritual adulting.

He paid a high price to ensure we had the option to truly love and be loved, or to stay right where we are, and all that comes with that decision. Only a human was eligible to take on the sin debt of all humans, and only God could actually accomplish it. Jesus was both...He could and He did. All we have to do is accept it. Is it available to everyone, of course, but that doesn't mean we receive it. It's like a gift sitting there unopened that was ours all along, we knew it was ours, but we never took the action of opening it and using it, so basically, it is as if we never had it at all. Our choice, always our choice.

Opening that gift opens a world of benefits, one of which is the security we really can safely and effectively fulfill God's purpose for us - everything written down in our books. This security and love drives out all fear!  No one in heaven is limiting us, in fact, our success in being and doing all we were created for is guaranteed! That's the trick though, isn't. Believing someone else might know what is better and even best for us, have more information than us, have actual control instead of the way we try to constantly take control - and decide their way is likely the better way. That's the limit for most of us - giving up our limited plan and our illusion of control for true power, true love, true success because it means someone else is the boss of me.

So I can keep making plans of my own and praying for God to bless them and prosper them and hope my plans actually are what is best for me...or, I can guarantee success by seeking what His plans are.

They are always good, they are always for me and never against me, they are always designed to give me a great future and a hope. I think I know that, but what act on is the believe that I know what I truly need inside my spirit, what my soul longs for. How can I? I don't have all the information. I'm just trying to get my needs met, trying to heal what's broken, what those people did to me, back then.
There is one who knows what my real needs are, what my purpose is, what will bring me joy and ecstasy and even financial blessing (yes, I said financial - look it up, it's in the Book).

The difference is that without the relationship with the source of blessings (He has a name and it is not "Universe") the more money we have, the less joy and sense of purpose we experience. That's what we do though, we worship the creation instead of the Creator.

With Him, the more joy and purpose we have, and the more we handle money His way and in relationship with Him, the more of all that, including money, we have at our disposal as well. The reason I am dwelling on money here is because the world system has us convinced that is our ultimate goal - money, power, success. Money by any means is safety and security and power. How is that working for your spirit? If that were the case the richest people in the world would feel the happiest, safest, and filled with purpose, but that is not the case. There is nothing wrong with money, it's our serving, and grasping at, and seeking more and more money that keeps us in bondage.

Money is necessary in this system, granted, acknowledged, buys lots of great things. I am not arguing the necessity of money. I am arguing what making money a god does to your spirit and to your finances.

Money with God results in open hands - open to receive and open to give. Money on our own results in clutched hands, closed to give and closed to receive. Sure we give to charity, give out a few bucks to the man on the corner, make ourselves feel good, but never more than we feel we can afford, because after all, it's up to us make the money, manage the money, and decide what to do with the money. It's all on us.

What if it didn't have to be all on us? What then? Now we are getting into another teaching. After all, one of our problems is that we want God's blessing without attributing those blessing to Him or being willing to be accountable to Him after we receive them. Just show me the money and get out of my life.

So let's start there. With Him, and being truthful with our relationship with Him, and whether or not we want more.

Please sir, may I have some more? Why yes, yes you may!

Psalm 39
Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Galatians 3:13-15
Romans 8:31
Jeremiah 29:11
Matthew 6:33
Romans 1:25

Thank you to Dr. Kevin Zadai, whose Introduction to The Agenda of Angels sparked the thoughts leading to this blog post.

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