Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do other religions have anything to offer Christianity?

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During my reading and prayer time, I have been seeking knowledge and understanding about the supernatural spiritual world consistent with my Christian faith, and have been richly rewarded.

I wondered if any other Christian scholars had looked to the bible for context and explanation of the miraculous and spiritually supernatural events that occur around the world, including near death experiences, and also whether other religions, which may not specifically understand or recognize Jesus Christ as the ultimate Redeemer and Son of God, have yet something of value to contribute to Christian faith and spiritual growth.

In reading the words of Thomas Merton, a universally respected scholar, authority on Christian mysticism, and best-selling author, who was also a monk who lived more than 27 years in the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky (yes, Kentucky) I found encouragement to trust God to lead me to find the truths, and recognize that which is not.

So, yes, I am beginning to believe that other faiths may have much to teach Christians about spiritual inner life, just as Christians may share the true source, Jesus Christ, of all this wonderful spiritual knowledge.

". . . I think we we have now reached a stage (long overdue) of religious maturity at which it may be possible for someone to remain perfectly faithful to a Christian and Western monastic commitment, and yet learn in depth from , say, a Buddhist discipline and experience. I believe that some of us need to do this in order to improve the quality of our own monastic life and even to help in the task of monastic renewal which has been undertaken within the Western Church."  The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton (Father Louis), New Directions, New York
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